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Colon cleanse - Do I need one?

It’s UNDENIABLE that preventing diseases is always much better (and much less expensive) than treating them, and we are very happy that you and so many others share our vision of health improvement through natural means. We believe that internal cleansing, at least once per year, plays a very important role in your search for good health. 


G. Malahoff, a best-selling European author of over 20 books, whose works have been translated into several languages, said it best: “The human body is a remarkable self‐regenerating system. But for self‐renewing, it requires certain conditions, like cleansing and good nutrition. 


Our colon, for example, is basically a sewage processing system of the body, and if not properly maintained, it’s going to malfunction or clog just like ANY OTHER sewage system would. Thus internal cleansing must become, for most of us, goal #1. An Internally clean well-functioning body means a strong immune system, self-reliant in coping with billions of microorganisms that cause endless diseases; and, of course, internally clean is obtainable by regularly cleansing your body of toxins, harmful microorganisms. Cleansing these out of your system and not interfering with the body’s process of self-healing is frequently the ONLY way to go. 


The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote: “Disease does not occur unexpectedly. It is the result of constant violation of Nature’s laws. Spreading and accumulation of such violations transpire suddenly in the form of a disease – but it only seems sudden.” His words are as true today as they were then and it’s very important for doctors around the world (who must all take the Hippocratic oath, named after Hippocrates) to remember that the foundation of all modern medicine is, in fact, embedded in prevention: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 


At present, conventional medicine is almost entirely centered around what can be called “crisis management“. On the other hand, holistic (alternative) medicine doesn’t fight nature but rather helps the body heal itself, which is the MOST powerful way to affect LASTING change. It does not fight symptoms the way many medications do, but rather addresses, in a natural way, THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM ITSELF. 


One of the most recognized authorities on colon problems, Dr. Norman Walker, wrote: “Elimination of undigested food and other wastes from the body is as important as the correct digestion and assimilation of food. I can think of virtually nothing more vital than the prevention of the danger posed by obvious harmful effects of toxic poisons resulting from neglect and inability to effectively eliminate waste and debris from the body. Too few realize that inability to effectively eliminate debris from the body leads to such strong decomposition and fermentation in the colon that neglected accumulation of such decomposing matter can easily lead and, usually, does lead to a slow death.” 


Even according to the Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain, “90% of all disease and discomfort is directly or indirectly related to an unclean colon.” The academy identified 36 types of toxins that can form in the large intestine, get into the blood stream and “literally” destroy our bodies. They can enter by various means: through the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the water we drink, the medical treatments we use or undergo, the drugs we take (prescriptions, over the counter, tobacco, alcohol, etc.), the cleaning agents and chemicals we use daily in and around our homes, etc. 


Good health for life is in YOUR hands! Cleanse your body using the program described on our website and continue to cleanse your body at least once a year. 


Also, consume healthy foods, stay away from food additives and supplement your diet with highly bio-available vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other person-specific NATURAL products. Use high quality digestive enzymes with your meals to help get the most nutrients out of your food and supplements. Drink at least 8 GLASSES of purified water a day. Shortly after having started living this new lifestyle many are surprised to find out how good they feel and yet how relatively easy it was!