ParaNix Cleanse: Verified Customer Reviews

The world’s best 3 part parasite cleanse system! 

Posted by Laurel Duran on May 15th 2019

I have been using this 3 part parasite cleanse system for years and have found it far surpasses any other parasite cleanses out there. It is “full spectrum” in that if it’s in you, this system will GET it!! I also love how the website lists each and every herb it contains, and briefly describes what parasites it “goes after".

I saw white worms still wiggling in my....

Posted by Richard Dean on Sep 20th 2018

I first used this product in 1999 and found it to be an all-natural cleansing product that really worked and performed as described. Fast forward to August, 2018. I had been suffering from a runny stool for about 3 years when I finally read that intestinal worms could be the cause. When I thought of parasites, I remembered the name ParaNix from the Internal Cleanse kit. I searched ParaNix online and found the exact product I had first used. Once I started using the product, I viewed my stool content daily. I saw white worms still wiggling in my stool. And then I noticed smaller versions of them, which I assumed to be the eggs. Also, there was a lot of green junk that I do not know what it is, but it isn't pretty. After 43 days of following the usage instructions, to the letter, most of what I have described has cleared up and I am feeling much better than I have felt in a long time. I whole-heartedly endorse this product. In fact, I am buying a second 60-day cleanse to have on hand in the future. The fibers and herbs in the Internal Sweep do wonders for straightening out the digestive system. I recognize most of the herbs in these products as I have been using herbs since 1976. Obviously, I lost my way for a while but, thanks to this amazing product I am back on track. 

P.S. I am a paying customer. If you should try this product, enjoy your new life.


First used this program almost 20 years ago...

Posted by Staci R on Mar 6th 2021

First used this program almost 20 years ago, when you couldn't buy it on the internet, and you had to know someone with the phone number to call the company. (Glad it's more readily available to more people through the net!) I complete this program every time I return from overseas travel, period. It safely, effectively and efficiently gets my body back in rhythm and cleansed without any harsh side effects, pain or issues. This past year with COVID I had not traveled overseas, but do work out in the environment and get physically dirty... who knows what is living in the dirt? This kit did not disappoint in performing well again. I recommend this to collogues and coworkers who are having "gut issues" quite often. All have had good experiences.

I first used the 60-day Internal Cleanse, ParaNix, & Klenz Tea 20 years ago. 

Posted by Hal D. Nye on Dec 30th 2019

I first used the 60-day Internal Cleanse, ParaNix, & Klenz Tea  20 years ago (back in 2000). I failed to realize that I was still infested with parasites & such at the end & I am doing it again. I am going on a year and a half of continued use, and there is still junk in my stool. I have rid myself of tapeworms and five other parasites that I noticed in my stool. I feel I am getting close to a clean body. I am 69 years old. I started using herbs at age 26 and learning about natural health. Yet, I did not follow good health practices later on in life, and now I am paying the price of neglect. The first thing I did before purchasing these products was reading the list of ingredients. They are all included in my first natural health book, "Back To Eden", so I recognized them. This may well be the best product available in the entire world. I am feeling better than I have felt in many years. I intend to continue to use the Internal Cleanse, even after I am cleansed, due to the dietary and insoluble fibers, which will continue to keep my body in a healthy state. 

Tried and True- you’ll feel new! 

Posted by Gabrielle on May 2nd 2021

After being in Mexico for awhile and eating street tacos and an overindulgence of sugar I could feel my digestion was off. Always bloated and constipated- frequent diarrhea- no energy- brain fog- itchy. All of it. I knew it was time for a cleanse! A real cleanse. I have tried so many other cleanses and I’ve never experienced what this cleanse did. I was horrified at what came out of me. Omg. I can’t even say. First few days were miserable for me Pounding headache- exhausted. BUT I feel much better now! LIKE A NEW PERSON! Light and clean and Free! My bowel movement’s are solid and easily pass- and actúally believe it or not doesn’t really smell. I can just tell I’m clean inside. I feel my mind more sharp and I have more energy. That is really the best part. So grateful for a cleanse that actually really works. Thank you so much!

Great experience with the company! 

Posted by Kevin on Mar 28th 2021

Great experience w the company. The products seamed to work well. Id recommend this bundle to anyone in need of a parasite and fungal detox. Thank you

60 Day Cleanse
Posted By: Tom Bonadio Dec 23rd 2021

What amazed me about this cleanse program is that it covers everything and does it thoroughly and correctly for 60 days and not some 3 to 14 day product in a bottle.

Internal Sweep, Klenz Tea & Gut Mate!
Posted By: Joyce C Dec 18th 2021

The cleansing program is exceptionally good. Please give it a try. you will be glad you did.

Within 9 days my bloating was gone!
Posted By: Suzanne Oct 28th 2021

This cleanse is safe and effective. Within 9 days my bloating was gone. I recommend this cleanse.

My system tends to be very sensitive.
Posted By: Shelderon Oct 24th 2021

My system tends to be very sensitive. Paranix is the only product that actually relieves my stomach when I am having stomach pain. Extremely gentle and effective cleanse. The Gut Mate probiotics are the best I have ever taken and the only probiotic that my body seems to easily digest and benefit from. I have had so many issues with different probiotics that I would not have considered trying Gut Mate except that it was packaged with the cleanse. I'm so glad I did! I am ordering it separately now to continue using after the cleanse.

Internal Sweep + Gut Mate Combo!

Posted By: Teresa Bateman Aug 17th 2021

I feel much better after using these 2 products. I feel less bloated and my internal system is working much better. I really love these products.

Gut Mate!

Posted By: Christine McKechnie  Aug 16th 2021

As someone who has struggled forever with gut issues, I feel amazingly fortunate to have discovered this product. For me it has been life changing!


Posted By: Carl Ragland Jun 12th 2021

One of the best detox herbs I've ever used. Highly recommend you giving this one a try.

Make the bad guys go away!

Posted By: Don Hamilton Jr June 2nd 2021

This stuff is a life saver. if you are in pain or have a digestive issues 60 Day Cleanse could change your life. 

GutMate+Internal Sweep - Great combo to maintain your gut after a cleanse.

Internal Sweep - It ALWAYS helps clear up my allergies!

Posted By: Andrea Van P May 20th 2021

I have done this cleanse 4 or 5 times now. It ALWAYS helps clear up my allergies!

What a Journey!

Posted by Spencer on May 19th 2021

I was referred to this cleanse through my association with the CHEK Institute. As a practitioner in training, it is vital that I know what I am asking clients to go through. I am half way through this cleanse and it has been amazing. It has shown me what my digestive system is truly capable of and what it looks like when it works properly. I am so excited for the final 30 days and beyond to realize and experience my newfound health! Thank you so much.

Internal Sweep -  My wife and I take this every day!

Posted by James on May 11th 2021

We have been using Internal Sweep for many years and it has never let us down! For a year or so the formula was changed to make it a little sweeter; but thankfully the company listened to customer input and the formula is now back to the great tasting original. Two kinds of healthy fiber without that bloated feeling and it is also a great prebiotic. This product works so much better than that orange fiber powder and the taste is delicious. My wife and I take this every day. I must add that Chris in customer service is very knowledgable in all the products and a veritable well spring of information!

The Best!

Posted by shirley rickerson on May 2nd 2021

Been using this for years, great product!

Outstanding product!

Posted by K. Melvin on April 26th 2021

Have tried a variety of colon cleanses, this is by far the best product of its type in my experience. Not only is it very effective, but it does not require one to adapt a restricted dietary regime while using it. Easy to take and pleasant tasting, it delivers results without traumatizing my system. The instructions to increase water intake are essential to follow and the Klenz Tea is an excellent accompaniment to Internal Sweep. The ingredients in this formula are fully natural. The spirit of informing their customers is evident in their customer service and through the information available on their website. This is such an excellent product. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone reading this review. It is a well designed product and if you follow the instructions provided on the website for the full cleansing program, it will serve you well.

Thank you for such a great product!

Posted by Jo on April 7th 2021

I used this product years ago and I don’t know why I stopped but thank god I remembered how amazing it was back then and it’s still amazing! I feel so much better after just 30 days I can’t wait to see what I feel like in 60! 

DuraDetox® - 60 DAY INTERNAL CLEANSE PROGRAM Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Posted by Kathleen Cardella on Jan 5th 2021

Did this detox over 17 years ago and I can't believe I waited this long to do it again. Just completed a 60 day detox with it. Gentle and effective, it covers all the bases, and it's both the best tasting stuff with best list of ingredients I've found yet. I'm ready to do another 30 days!.  

Fantastic experience

Posted by Sandra De Baat on Oct 10th 2020

DuraDetox® 60 Day Cleanse - Best parasite cleanse out there. Should be mandatory for all human beings! 


Posted by Nattaly Sandercock on Sep 18th 2020

DuraDetox® 60 Day Cleanse - Highly recommended, after 1 week of use I started to see results. Very happy for this purchase

PHENOMENAL System & Service!

Posted by Lance on Sep 7th 2020

If there was an option for six stars on this product I would choose that! I was blown away with the service, education, and passion shared while ordering this product with Kris.

I felt very cared about and valued as a new client thanks to his personal time and attention.

I am THRILLED with the results of using this cleanse. I received great, quick, consistent, and lasting results. I will absolutely recommend this to others, repeat in the future, and use for maintenance.

Thank you Internal Cleanse! 

Internal Sweep/Cleanse Program

Posted by Judy Adams on Sep 6th 2020

I did the program for the first time in 1998, lost 10lbs, felt great and have done it about every 3-5 years since. It is also very healthy and the best cleanse program available by far. HIGHLY recommend!


Posted by Lachlan on June 9th 2020

Can’t believe how good this detox is! Normally these things make you want to gag. Not this one. It tastes decent, very effective making my bloating go down and my digestion drastically improved.

More energy 

Posted by Judy on Nov 9th 2019

I travel overseas quite a bit and started to wonder what I might have picked up along the way. I just finished the first month and I really do feel better. My digestion has settled down and I have more energy. Yay!

Best Internal Cleanse Program

Posted by Carl Ragland on Nov 5th 2019

A great way to reset your system. Been using the product for quite some time and it is a wonderful addition to staying healthy


Posted by Starla on Aug 20th 2019

I am almost into the program 30 days. Would I recommend this cleanse? YES! The last time I used this cleanse I threw away my glasses for driving. Every time my eyes start getting blurry driving at night, it is time to cleanse go figure! I recommend this product especially us older kids (I'm 64) who start having issues with digestion, aches, and so on, to use this cleanse, stay with it and wait for the patient nothing works overnight.

Highly Recommend

Posted by SheilaF on May 18th 2019

This is the best cleanse EVER! Don’t waste your money on anything else! You WILL get results!!

Very Happy with the Results

Posted by Amanda Rymer on Apr 26th 2019

I have felt much better now that I have started the 30 day detox progress. And I'm going to the bathroom on a regular basis which is a big deal for me.

Fabulous cleanse!

Posted by Dave on Apr 1st 2019

This product is absolutely super! It not only cleanses the colon, but there are many additional benefits. My skin looks shinier & more vibrant. I always have problems with my sinuses, but when I take this product it is the only time I can breath fully with clear sinuses - love that!! Taste could be described as moderately sweet. The flavor is not usual, as we don't typically ingest these ingredients, however, the taste is quite pleasant. I have been using this for a number of years now, and instead of a once a year cleanse I am doing at least twice a year. This year I may take it every quarter (3 months). I wish I could take it on a daily basis, that is how much I believe in this product!! Price is quite reasonable for the benefits derived. Try it, you'll love it!!!

Love This Product

Posted by Angie on Mar 31st 2019

Using this entire system is the best thing anyone can do for their bodies. My complexion has cleared up, I sleep better, and no more bloating. I plan to keep doing it twice a year!

60 day cleanse 

Posted by Jamesetta Stewart on Mar 30th 2019

This is what I call my spring cleaning, I've been using this for years. It's the best!

Paranix - Great product!! Been using for 6 years.

Posted by epsilon. on Sep 14th 2018

This product help to keep me free of the "Bugs" I pickup w/ my gardening. Been using for 6 years.

There is no better product on the market that I know of..

Posted by shirley Rickerson - on Aug 15 2018

This is the best, I have tried several products and none of them even come close to this. 

Internal Sweep Program 

Posted by Carl Ragland - on June 21st 2018

Great product to help get rid of pests in the colon and other parts of the body.


Posted by Vicky on Mar 10th 2018

I'm feeling great and I love that the product is all natural.

After my last colonoscopy my doctor told me I had the cleanest colon in Sarpy County. All thanks to this cleanse and Daily Internal Sweep™ use. 

 Posted by Joe Jackson - Papillion NE. on Jan 7th 2018

I love this cleanse and this is the one thing that truly helped me get better after Giardiasis caused by a protozoan parasite. Many years ago, a friend talked me into a 10 day trip to Mexico city and I paid for it dearly. I had a severe case of Montezuma’s revenge. It got better after taking antibiotics, but it started getting worse after a few years and nothing seemed to work for me. Finally, after suffering for years, I read an article about this cleanse and decided to try it out. That was 17 years ago and I have been using this cleanse every year without fail. And I use Internal Sweep throughout the year for maintenance. 

After I used ParaNix, which is part of this cleanse, I expelled parasites and I can feel the difference it made. I highly recommend this product. 

Last time I got a colonoscopy back in 2007, I was 56, my doctor told me I had the cleanest colon in Sarpy County. All thanks to the cleanse and Daily Internal Sweep use. 

Thank you

Joe Jackson - Papillion NE. 

Paranix parasite cleanse

Posted by Susie on Dec 28th 2017

Exceeded ALL expectations!

Excellent Cleanse Program

Posted by M.K. Doerr on Sep 27th 2017

After nearly 60 days on program, I am still expelling a dark color pearl chain like organism and/or impacted fecal matter.

I am a Registered Nurse and have a private holistic practice & I love this Cleanse!!

Posted by Rosemary D on Sep 4th 2017

I have used the cleanse many times and always felt much better when I finished my 30 days. About 4 weeks after the last time I used it my beautician was totally surprised when she saw thousands of new hairs growing in my scalp. I was 64 at the time and that's pretty unusual for new hairs to be growing, most women my age are starting to lose their hair! I would also like to thank Chris for the fantastic customer service I received after having difficulty checking out. It was a holiday and I sent an e-mail thinking I would not hear from anyone until the next business day. But, 5 minutes later I received a call and he spent time working we me to get my order processed and was above and beyond helpful. I am a Registered Nurse and have a private holistic practice. I frequently recommend Internal Klenz (Internal Sweep + ParaNix + KlenzTea) to my clients and now I can add the fantastic customer service to the list of positives associated with your product. 

Thank You

Best Cleanse Ever!!

Posted by Christine L on Aug 30th 2017

This is the best cleanse ever!! I tried many cleanses, including some really expensive $300+ products, but none of them worked as well as Internal Sweep & Klenz Tea. This is truly an amazing product and easy to do. I don't have to change my diet and I feel great! 

Thank You!

This fiber powder is so easy to take!

Posted by Rosemary L on Aug 30th 2017

This fiber powder is so easy to take! It tastes better than any other powder I have tried - and I can even put it directly in my smoothies! I usually just mix it in some water first thing in the morning - but if I forget then I just add it to my smoothie. It has a very pleasant taste and has been very effective in detoxing my system and making me have more energy. I am so glad that I tried it - I will never use anything else now! 


I have been using the Internal Sweep powder, ParaNix capsules and tea for over 10 years ... and it is amazing!

Posted by Deborah G on Aug 16th 2017

I have been using the Internal Sweep powder, ParaNix capsules and tea for over 10 years and cleanse every 6 months... and it is amazing! The first time I cleansed for a 2 month period and I passed two huge parasites twisted up together. I had seizures for many years and they stopped once I started cleaning with ParaNix. 

Thank you Internal Cleanse !

Best Internal Cleanse Ever! 

Posted by Susan K. on Jun 18th 2017

I am 50 and have been using these cleanse products for years! I use the Internal Sweep and the Klenz Tea for maintenance. You can take the powder with juice in the morning-it goes great with V8 Peach/Mango juice! I would NOT be without it- Keeps you comfortable and regular with Zero side effects. I told my mom about it- she is 83 and takes the powder daily. The complete cleanse is great once a year or so for getting rid of parasites which everybody has! If you have never cleansed before- get the program and do the 3 steps for 6-8 weeks. You will get rid of 10 pounds of waste product. After that, you can use just the powder or the powder and the tea for daily maintenance. A lot of people think they have IBS and they just need to cleanse. Parasites cause a lot of intestinal problems, bad skin, cramps, headaches, etc... I can not recommend these products enough! Compare the list of all-natural awesome ingredients.

Thanks Natural Avenue Laboratories! 

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