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Q: Is it true that internal cleansing kills beneficial flora (“friendly bacteria”) in our digestive system?


A: Internal Sweep contains some Acidophilus, which helps to replenish the "friendly bacteria" (microflora) which are vital to our digestive health, immune health, and our overall well-being. Internal Sweep also contains Fructo-Oligosaccharide or F.O.S. (chicory root extract) which is food for the "friendly bacteria”. 


However, during and after a thorough cleansing we recommend using our Gut Mate® probiotics to help your body build a healthy amount of friendly bacteria in the intestines much quicker. Probiotics are opposite of antibiotics and other drugs which destroy your friendly bacteria. 


We have hundreds of billions of friendly bacteria in our colon but many things such as medications, pollution, toxins, additives, chlorinated tap water (chlorine is added to water to kill bacteria - imagine what it does to our friendly bacteria!), excessive consumption of sugar or refined flours, and other factors kill this ultra important first line defense which our bodies have. 


Available exclusively from our company, Gut Mate® probiotics can be used during or after the cleanse to rapidly help your microflora to flourish. Many use Gut Mate® every morning to make sure the friendly bacteria is always replenished as we lose so much of it every single day due to pollution, environmental & food toxins etc. Gut Mate® contains 20 different probiotic strains of friendly bacteria and has 7 BILLION CFU per micro pearl.


Q:  Will I see parasites in my stool? 


A:  A lot of our customers reported observing visible parasites. They even sent us pictures of them, but they are too graphic to post them online. The visible ones can be up to several feet in length, but you don’t have to worry about them – they come out quite “limp” (some people visualize parasites attacking them like snakes when they come out, but nothing can be further from the truth – visible parasites are really not that “lively”).


Q:  What about parasites in my pets & how to prevent parasites from coming back to me if my pets have them?


A:  Humans frequently pick up parasites from their dogs and cats.  When you cleanse yourself and to help you avoid a pos­sible re-infestation, you should simultaneously address that problem in your dog or cat.  Furthermore, you should wash your hands and make sure your children wash their hands after handling pets. You may give ParaNix™ to pets by open­ing a capsule and sprinkling its contents on a your pet’s food throughout the day.  The daily dose for animals can be cal­cu­lated based on their weight using the following formula: assume a full adult dose (of 5 capsules) based on 120-140lb. Therefore, if your dog weighs 30 lb., then it would need 1capsule per day with meals (spread throughout the day).  


Q:  Is there anything else I should do to prevent a re-infestation?


A:  You should follow, and make your children follow, good basic hygiene by always washing their hands with soap and hot water after using the bathroom and just before eating. Use only clean filtered water; otherwise you risk getting re-infected with cryptosporidium or Giardia parasites (chlorination or carbon filters can’t really handle this problem very well) which are commonly found in the municipal water supply in many cities


Q:  Do I need to follow a specific kind of a diet while on the program?


A:  No, you do not need to adhere to any special diet. However, here are a few helpful suggestions. It is very important to take an adequate amount of essential fatty acids, the so called “good fats”, like flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, etc.  This is not only important for when you are on the cleanse but all the time. You can get your Omega 369 here. They are absolutely vital to good health, just like the 8-12 glasses of water which you should consume regardless of whether you are on this program or not.  During the cleanse, also try to avoid sugar and decrease the intake of foods that contain a lot of sugar.


Q:  Are there any side effects to this cleanse?


A:  This cleanse has been used safely by hundreds of thousands of people for the last 21+years. Commonly reported side effects are related to Cleansing and Detoxing your body, including constipation, headache, diarrhea, gas and bloating, cramping, Blemishes or Acne,Fatigue, and nausea. Most side effects are temporary; however, if any of these symptoms persist, it may also be a sign of a reaction to one of the ingredients in the cleanse. Discontinue the cleanse for a week to see if the symptoms dissipate. When in doubt, please consult a licensed health care practitioner. 


Q:  When should I repeat the program or use any of its components?


A:  As far as the whole program is concerned, every 12 months (and as frequently as every 6 months) is a good idea. How­ever, think about it. We all brush our hair and teeth and clean our bodies on daily basis and don’t realize that the secret to good health is sweeping our colon and insides every day. In fact, the Royal Academy of Physicians in Great Bri­tain made a statement a few years ago that says it all - “90% of all disease and discomfort is directly or in­directly related to an un­clean colon.” After using our pro­gram once, most of our cus­tomers like to keep us­ing Internal Sweep (the most comprehensive product of its find on the market) and continue on taking it along with Gut Mate Probiotics on a daily basis (all our pro­ducts can be purchased separa­tely but many prefer to use our daily Maintenance Pack for exactly that purpose which consists of 2-month supply of Internal Sweep and Gut Mate Probiotics (1 In­ternal Sweep + 1 Gut Mate). You can get the Maintenance pack here


Q:  Can I take medications while I cleanse? 


A:  Please check the warning on the label of the medication for specific contraindications. If you are taking any other medications and are unsure, the best course of action is to consult your pharmacist or registered health care practitioner before starting any herbal cleansing program. 


Q:  Can I drink a hot beverage (Hot Tea etc.) right after I take ParaNix™?  


A:  Please wait for 30minutes after you take ParaNix™ before you consume any hot beverages. Drinking room temperature water is perfectly ok.


Q: I did your cleanse years ago and it worked very well. But I have not done this cleanse in a few years. Do I need to take Paranix™ for 30 days or 60 days?


A:  For first time users and for someone who has taken a break for few years of cleansing, a 60 day course is recommend. For people that cleanse every year a 30 day course is recommend. 


Q: I’m allergic to walnuts. Should I use this cleanse?


A:  No. Black Walnut Hulls is one of the components in ParaNix™. You should not use this product since you are allergic to walnuts.


Q: Is it safe to use Internal Sweep™ everyday?


A:  Yes, you can use Internal Sweep™ everyday. Most of our customers buy 3 packs or 6 packs of Internal Sweep for use throughout the year, because it is packed with a lot of different kind of beneficial fibers. In fact, there is no other product of its kind on the market that packs this many beneficial ingredients into one product. 


Q: How long does the internal sweep, ParaNix, KlenzTea stay good for while in storage and well past their expiration?  


A:   Herbal supplements past their expiration date may not be as effective. Therefore, we don't recommend using our products after the expiration date. 


Q: Can I take Gut Mate with Internal Sweep or do I need to wait for 30min?


A:    Yes, you can take Gut Mate and Internal Sweep at the same time. In fact it is recommenced to take them together. Internal Sweep has a lot of fibers that are food for the probiotics in Gut Mate. So it is extremely beneficial to take them together. 


Q: How long do I need to wait after I take Gut Mate and Internal Sweep before I can have breakfast?  


A:   You can eat your breakfast right after taking Internal Sweep + Gut Mate or, if you have the time (for extra effectiveness, you can wait for 20-30 minutes before having breakfast). 


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