Understanding and Disrupting Biofilms: Enhancing Digestive Health

Understanding and Disrupting Biofilms: Enhancing Digestive Health

Posted by Natural Avenue on Dec 19th 2023

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Understanding Biofilms: What Exactly Are They?

When most of us think of bacteria, or fungi, we imagine a free-floating single-celled organism, called planktonic. But the fact is, most bacteria and fungi live in multicellular communities called biofilms.

The Formidable Strength of Biofilms: Building Powerful Communities and Eluding Our Immune Defenses

These communities of bacteria are encased in a slimy, sticky protective coating they secrete. This attaches the bacteria to any surface they want, and to each other, making them even more powerful and harmful than a single, free-floating planktonic bacteria.

Biofilm Formation

Biofilm Havens: From Your Mouth to Your Gut, Where Danger Lurks Unseen

First off, biofilms can live in lots of places from hot springs to the inside of your mouth. Bacteria can form powerful biofilm colonies anywhere because all they need is water. For example, if you don’t brush your teeth in the morning, even after just a few hours you can feel the accumulation of plaque (a biofilm) on your teeth. You can also have biofilms in your nose, throat, lining of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and respiratory system.

Biofilms: The Immune System’s Nemesis, Orchestrating Complex Communication Networks

Biofilms are dangerous because they’re great at hiding microbes from our immune system. Biofilms are like impenetrable castles that microbes use to hide from our immune system. However, they don’t just build “a castle,” they build whole neighborhoods of them! In fact, they can build mega-cities where, just like our own cities, they have channels running between them for nutrients and water to flow in, and waste to flow out. They even have complex communication networks called “quorum sensing.” This allows the bacteria to “talk” to each other in groups using signaling molecules. And they can coordinate and carry out colony-wide functions.

Biofilm 3D and 2D Image

Escalating Risks: The Stubborn Adherence of Unhealthy Microorganisms

And it gets worse: once these unhealthy microorganisms adhere to the lining of your gut and form a biofilm, it becomes harder to detect them and remove them. They stay well protected from our immune cells. Which is why fungal biofilms like Candida and SIBO are hard to get rid of.

How to Disrupt Biofilms? Making Candida Vulnerable

Scientists have found the best way to get rid of them is to kick them out of their biofilm communities so your immune system can get to work destroying them. This is best done with several different tools to breakdown biofilms, disrupt quorum sensing, and create an inhospitable environment, while also promoting an ideal environment for beneficial probiotic bacteria to move in and colonize the digestive tract, establishing a healthy balance.

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